Automatic Trash Can Features

automatic trash canAn automatic trash can has increased in popularity in recent years, thanks to the fact that they can help to reduce the contact a person has with germs, while providing a clean and modern look to a kitchen. With dozens of styles out there, there will be a trash option that can meet and exceed the expectations you will have.

Automatic Trash Can Sensors

With most automatic trash cans, you have a lid that has a sensor on it that will open and close when it determines there is motion in front of it. Typically, this sensor will be battery operated and adjustments can be made to the sensitivity, or the lid can be locked to off or on, when you are performing certain tasks. Some trash bins will also have technology that will monitor for your hands to remain open as long as your hand is in front of them to reduce contact with the lid.

Automatic Trash Can Sizes

When looking at the different automatic trash can brands on the market, keep in mind that there are going to be different sizes you can choose from. While many of them are a 13 gallon size, they can also come in a variety of sizes and shapes. It will be important if you are looking at these bins online that you pay close attention to the size. These trashcans can reach up to 23 gallons in size that would be best suited for commercial use or be as small as 3/4 of a gallon in size that would work great in the bathrooms of your home.

In addition to the size, you will also need to pay close attention to where the batteries install. On some models, you can find that the batteries are located on the back of the lid, which allows you to quickly replace them without too much hassle. Other models are going to require you to remove the lid from the trashcan and flip it upside down to install the batteries in the hood of the lid.

Automatic Trash Can Color Combinations

These canisters can be found in quite a few color combinations. One of the most common is the stainless steel body with the black lid. While this can blend with your stainless steel appliances, you do need to keep in mind that the stainless steel will show smudges and smears more than a cream or other light colored canister.

Automatic Trash Can – Other Features

As you are looking at models, it will be important that the unit you select has a removable ring in it. This ring will help to hold the bag in place and reduce the chances of the bag falling into the can, causing you to fish around to put it back in place.

There is no denying that an automatic trash can is going to be a great investment for your kitchen or bathroom. Just be sure that you pay close attention to the automatic trash can models that you choose and ensure that the trashcan you pick is going to best suit your needs.

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