Itouchless 13 gallon trash can – What is all the fuss about?

13 gallon trash canItouchless 13 gallon Trash Can: Something to Talk About!

No doubt about it – the manufacturers of the iTouchless trash can have given us something to talk about! Visualize a trash can with a futuristic appearance, which opens magically when sensing your nearness and closes itself after you walk away.

Just for a moment, would you agree to re-imagine the challenges with the trashcan you currently use? How about the horrible stench when the can is overflowing? How about all the times your hands were full and you grappled to lift the trashcan lid, only to have it fall on the floor?

Have you heard homekeepers buzzing about their new BFF (best friend forever)? The, iTouchless Deodorizer Touch-Free Sensor 13 Gallon Trash Can utilizes carbon to neutralize and eliminate tough odors.

New moms are loving this state-of-the-art trash can for eliminating the disgusting odor of stinky diapers!

Because these trash cans employ cutting-edge beam sensor technology – you’ll never have to touch another germ-infested lid again!

ITouchless 13 gallon Trash Can Complaints

User complaints have been minimal, with the most common being “batteries not included”. However, the same users report that batteries last for six or more months before they need replacing.

Parents with children prefer the iTouchless 13 gallon trash can with a Semi-Round Extra-Wide lid. This model will accommodate used pizza boxes and other oversized items. It also puts an end to messy spills and overflowing cans.

The creators of iTouchless trash cans support America’s go-green movement with their innovative dual compartment recycle bin. Made of eye-catching stainless steel this trash can bin will complement your kitchen décor. It’s on wheels, making the bin easy to move.

ITouchless Trash Can – Something for Everyone!!

There is an iTouchless trash can that holds eight gallons, which is pretty perfect for singles who eat out, more than in. The 8-gallon can works well in a home office too. It’s just the perfect size and its ease of operation won’t distract busy minds.

Small business owners are high on the Infrared Touchless Motion Sensor 13 gallon trash can.Its more traditional circular shape fits well in break rooms, copy rooms and offices.

Numerous consumers are so enthused about these revolutionary receptacles they’re installing one in every room of their homes! The fact that parents can be assured their children won’t be cross-contaminated by germs will soon offset the upfront expense. Just as the name implies, these trash cans are touchless, so that little hands won’t be exposed to germs from leftovers or soiled tissues.

The lifetime expectancy of an iTouchless trash can is much longer than conventional step-on cans. They are advertised to last 10 years when opened 20 times daily! Now that’s really amazing to know they won’t wear out or break a few months after purchase.

And, sometimes it’s the little things that excite us! These trash cans have a “garbage bag retainer ring” that grips the garbage bag to prevent it from slipping to the bottom of the can. Also, odors are sealed inside. You can even throw away smelly fish and your kitchen will still smell like a rose in bloom!

Bottom Line: There is an iTouchless Trash Can for every lifestyle. Each style is equipped with a Carbon Filter Gate to neutralize and eliminate odors, not simply mask them. The non-scented deodorizer is eco-friendly and contributes to your home’s safe environment. The automatic opening feature saves time and prevents cross-contamination of germs.

Isn’t all those Itouchless trash can features something to talk about?

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