Touchless Trash Can Troubleshooting

touchless trash can troubleshootingTouchless Trash Can Troubleshooting

Touchless trash can troubleshooting is something you may need to do.  When it comes to owning touchless trash cans, these devices are definitely one of the best forms of technology to have in your kitchen. They are of great help when your hands are full, but because of the fact that they contain electronic components, it is often necessary to engage in a little touchless trash can troubleshooting on occasions, especially when it decides to wither not open at all or simply start opening and closing for no reason at all.

Touchless Trash Can Troubleshooting Tips

Inspect the Batteries

When it comes to touchless trash can troubleshooting, one of the first things that should be checked when your trash can malfunction or refuses to operate is the batteries. This is usually one of the main problems that affect these trash cans, especially when they begin to open or close more slowly than normal. Although many of them claim that they can last for quite a long time, this also depends on the type of batteries that have been used. However, if you find that your touchless trash can is still not operating as it should, you may find that you have to move on to the next level of trash can troubleshooting, and that is to check the rest of the trash can out.

Inspect the Door Hinge

Another aspect to consider when engaging in trash can troubleshooting is to ensure that you thoroughly inspect the hinge on the trash can door. This is because most of these hinges have been manufactured from plastic, so after a while, they will be subject to wear and tear or breakage. It is also important to ensure that no food or other trash scraps have been caught in the lid while doing your touchless trash can troubleshooting inspection, as this can prevent it from opening and closing properly as well. If your trash can is still making a strange noise or not opening and closing after doing this bit of trash can troubleshooting, you may need to consider what else may be faulty on the trash can.

Ensure That the Motion Sensor is Clean and Undamaged

Because the motion sensor is one of the main working parts on these trash cans, it is important to ensure that it is kept clean and dry at all times. After battery replacement, this should be the next item to inspect while you are busy with touchless trash can troubleshooting. If your trash can fails to open or close as it usually does, it may be a good idea to use a soft, damp (but not dripping) cloth to wipe the sensor area clean on the trash can. If the door still does not open or close, it may be time to contact the manufacturer for a replacement lid for your trash can.

Touchless Trash Can Troubleshooting – Look Out for Manufacturer’s Instructions

One of the most important things to remember when doing touchless trash can troubleshooting is to ensure that the manufacturer’s instructions are always followed with regards to use. If you still have to engage in further touchless trash can troubleshooting after trying the points mentioned above, it may be best to contact the manufacturer, especially if the can is still under warranty.

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