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According to professionals, the touchless trash can is simply “the next generation of waste receptacles”. This product is simply a tremendous revision of the conventional debris cans. Its touch-free hygienic feature facilitates healthy waste disposal, making it highly suitable in a wide range of spaces such as kitchen, office, living room, hospitals and laundry rooms. Valuable trash can reviews always aid in a meaningful purchase.   Below we get into our top rated trash cans, we will first identify why a touchless can is a good investment.  If you want to skip this, you can scroll down to see our top rated models.

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Why Buy A Touchless Trash Can

  • Hygeine

The less you have to touch a trash can, the less germs you will spread throughout your home, office, and to others.  Most people will immediately wash their hands if they touch the outside of a plastic trash can.  A trash can with motion sensors is convenient because you will not have to wash your hands when you throw something away.  This means that you will not have to stop what you are doing, which ultimately can be a hassle sometimes.  Hygenically speaking, this is also great if you have small children or toddlers.  They too can throw something away without having to touch the lid.

  • Durability & Cost

Plastic trash cans are susceptible to cracking and breaking.  So, you will keep having to buy a new one when the wear and tear has set in.  A touchless trash can is usually made up of stainless steel, which means it is more durable.  It can resist a lot of wear and tear in the long run which ultimately saves you money.

  • Style

Yet another reason why the touchless trash can is so popular is due to style.   Many homes today have updated or renovated kitchens.  These kitchens consist of modern stainless steel appliances and countertops.  A touchless can blends in with the décor which is an attractive feature.  Most plastic trash cans come in a limited colors.

Touchless Trash Can Reviews: Common Features of Top Rated Brands

Just like any other product out there, some touchless cans are more sophisticated than others in terms of integrated features.  The top rated brands we choose below have at least some or all of the features listed below:

  • Infrared motion sensor – an artificial intelligence that detects motion even from a couple of inches away from the trash-can. Subsequently, the lid opens automatically when      your hand or the bag is closer to it, and would close automatically when it no longer detects motion.
  • Usually stylish in shape and would complement the appearance of any space
  • Odor sealer and germs eliminator – it doesn’t matter how harsh the odor may seem
  • Garbage ring to conceal the trash bag from prying eyes and enhances the neat appearance of any environment
  • Air escape holes
  • Heavy duty batteries for long-lasting usage, up to 10,000 consecutive opening and closing of the can daily. There’s also an optional A/C adapter.

Touchless Trash Can Parts

Virtually all the brands and models we have chosen come with replaceable components. Valuable reviews about different brands would reflect these replaceable parts or components:

  • Garbage bag ring that makes the trash bag invisible
  • Replacement batteries for various models and brands. Lids that can be replaced
  • Deodorizer container
  • Sealing technology to stop odor escape
  • Air escape holes
  • Optional A/C power adapter

Top Rated Brands and Models
All waste receptacles are not created equal.  You basically have two options to choose from: sensor based or a step trash can.  Either way, these models have above average ratings. 

Sensor Based

The iTouchless Deodorizer- Touch Free 13 gallon Trash Can

This stainless steel trash can comes with a powerful odor neutralizing feature (3-D Carbon Filter Gate). It deodorizes even the toughest smell. Also, it has been equipped with Air-Escape Holes to aid with easy removal of the trash bag. There is an extra wide opening for debris (11.75”).

itouchless deodorizer

>>Over 1200 people give the I-touchless a 5 star rating!<<




Step Trash Can

Simplehuman Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can

The simple human step trash can comes in many different options to suit your tastes.  It includees rectangular, semi-round, and the butterfly shaped.  Most customers opt for the the 13 gallon size or smaller.  Most people will place their trash can in the kitchen so it is recommended that you buy at least a 10 gallon size or larger.  If you do not want a sensor based trash can than this is a good pick.  If you are considering a sensor based touchless trash can, then look below.  The majority of consumers give the simple human touchless trash can a 5 star rating (over 85%). 


  • Engineered to last for over 150,000 steps
  • Silent Closed Lid
  • Dent-proof Lid

Traditional Design            

                 >>Over 300 people give the rectangular trash can a 5 star Rating<<touchless trash can 10 gal




Sleek Design


  >>Over 180 users give the butterfly trash can a 5 Star Rating<<






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