Will you Love the Step Trash Can?

step trash canWhy is the step trash can so likeable?  It seems like yesterday when trash cans, often called waste bins and garbage cans, were nothing more than receptacles for the collection of household wastes from paper to vegetable peelings. Things have changed and the presence of step trash cans in kitchens, hospitals and offices, among other establishments, is proof that waste bins are as practical as these are beautiful. That and you cannot deny that a step trash can is definitely more hygienic than its predecessors.

Step Trash Can Benefits – No Hands

A step trash bin is just what it says. Instead of using your hands to open its lid, you step on its pedal and the lid opens so that you can then drop the trash into its interiors. Just get your foot off the pedal and the lid closes. Did we say that it is so easy to operate step trash cans regardless of their design, construction and color? It’s a no-hands operation when opening and closing the lid but, of course, it’s necessary to hold the trash bin by hand when emptying its contents or replacing its garbage liner.

In Households and Hospitals

In fact, the no-hands operation is the main appeal of a step trash can. You can dispose of whatever trash without actually touching any part of the trash bin, which most likely is crawling with bacteria, germs and toxins, among other possibly harmful substances. You will then find step trash bins in disparate locations like households and hospitals. Ask the homeowner and the hospital administrator why the preference for such type of garbage container and the answer boils down to hygiene reasons.

For example, in hospitals, the doctors and nurses appreciate the step trash bins because these can minimize the transfer of germs from the waste bins to their instruments and their hands and, in turn, to their patients. In households, the cook-of-the-day can throw scraps like vegetable peelings without actually touching the trash bin, thus, lessening the chances for food-borne diseases.

Of course, a step trash can is also necessary in public places like a school washroom. The students can throw their waste (i.e., used napkins and tampons) into the trash without actually holding the container. Just imagine the improvements in hygiene as a result of the addition of a step trash bin.

Step Trash Can – Quality in Construction

That’s not all there is to a step trash can either. Satisfied customers find that this type of garbage can also provides for the following benefits:

• The closing mechanism is sturdy because of the use of durable plastic or lightweight metal coupled with a folded-steel ridge, which provides effective support for the lifting mechanism.

• The opening and closing actions are smooth and quiet. You need not worry about the lip opening and closing like a mini-helicopter is about to land. You also only need to step on the pedal with a firm step for the lid to open.

• The handle is designed so that the step trash bin is easy to move around the kitchen, bathroom and other areas. Look for a recessed handle that can fit against the wall so as to avoid the all-too-common occurrence of stubbing your toe against a protruding handle.

Other Things to Look For in A Step Trash Can

Other things to look for in a step trash can include small tabs to keep the lid open, recessed hand holds for grabbing the liner-can, and especially-fitted bags.

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